Making Space for God-Volume II Study Guide

Making Space for God-Volume II Study Guide


9 Week Bible Study

Making Space for God is unique in its approach to growing spiritually. So many teachings about the deeper spiritual life have to do with adding something to your life in order to grow spiritually. We do need to pray more, study our Bible more, connect with other Christians, and practice the disciplines of the faith. The idea is not that you take on more but that you take things away– things that keep you from growing in your relationship with God. If you take on more you can actually crowd God out but if you take away the list of to do’s you will actually make more space for the Presence of God in your life.

Table of Contents

Lesson 10 – Moving Mountains

Lesson 11 – Learning not to take the bait of Insult

Lesson 12 – The One Thing Needed

Lesson 13 – Bloom Where You Are Planted

Lesson 14 – Is Life In the Fast Lane Really Living?

Lesson 15 – Living The Spirit-Filled Life

Lesson 16 – Walking on Water

Lesson 17 – Do I Have To?

Lesson 18 – Dying to Lies, Revealing His Dream


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