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Through the DNG app or social media, join the conversation and community as we share more about the ministry, events, inspiration and how you can continue to make space for God.

The DNG App


In a world where everything seems to be on the fast track, staying connected can be a blessing. Whether you’re on your lunch break at work or sitting in the carpool line, the Drawing Near to God mobile app has got you covered! You don’t need another round of candy crush, you need the sweet and loving support of your Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Our app lets you connect with our ministry and gives you access to our blog, Daily Devotional, teachings and events.

Social Media


God knows the intentions of our hearts. Before we even pick up the phone. He knows what we’re thinking, how we’re feeling and what we need. Let’s use these platforms for all the good they can provide. Helping a neighbor in need, sharing stories of hope, raising awareness and lifting people up!

We hope you will connect with us on social media and we promise to always provide messaging that is real and meaningful. We want to be in community with you and want to engage with our followers all over the world!