When Joanne answered the call to start a Bible study in 2000, there was no looking back. An author and a speaker with the heart of a teacher, Joanne is enthusiastic about sharing the word of God and helping women to declutter their lives and make space for their creator.  

When she’s not busy with her family which includes 3 beautiful children, 11 wonderful grandchildren and 1 sweet great-grandbaby, Joanne loves to travel with her loving husband of 48 years, Dr. Blount Ellison. Together they have hiked mountains all over the country and cycled through Portugal and Copenhagen.  These two love birds can also be found in the kitchen, where they enjoy cooking. Joanne prefers the name sous chef, but glorified order taker might be a better fit. We hear Blount makes a mean steak!


Active members of their hometown church Saint Andrew’s, The Ellison family has a true servant’s heart. 

A College of Charleston grad, Joanne is the author of over 20 Bible study guides including the popular 365-day Bible devotional “Drawing Near To God”, Sitting at His Feet devotional, Tell Your Heart to Beat Again. She has published multiple books, her most recent being Making Space for God.


Joanne has spoken to audiences all over the world. She was a guest preacher at the Cathedral in Nairobi, she presented to more than 2,000 women at the Mother’s Union of Kenya and has delivered keynotes throughout the United States.

In addition to completing numerous studies from the Ridley Institute, Joanne has extensive training in prayer ministry through Christian Healing Ministry . Her bible studies are used across the globe from Jamaica to Germany and her radio spots can be heard on internationally broadcast His Radio and her recorded teachings are shared on WJNI radio.


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“Joanne Ellison has a remarkable ability to transform a Biblical passage or story into a tangible, real-world lesson that provides inspiration for our daily lives. Her ability to connect with so many is a powerful testament to the strength in her faith and the depth of her Biblical understanding.”

Jenny Sanford

Former First Lady of South Carolina