Inspired by the Scripture, I am the vine and you are the branches in John chapter 15, Drawing Near to God Ministry was the response to a message that founder Joanne Ellison sensed God speaking to her heart during her quiet time. She felt encouraged to bring women together to experience and grow in intimacy with Christ. Thus a community-wide Bible study was formed. She never imagined that it would grow into a multi-faceted ministry. The name for the ministry is directly from James 4:8 that says “draw near to God and He will draw near to you.” Many women long for an intimate relationship with God and with the people in their lives. Drawing Near to God Ministry has created a welcoming space for women to feel comfortable being vulnerable and living authentically.

Drawing near to God, and receiving His love, enables women to pour love back out into their families, workplace and friendships. Joanne likens this to being like a sponge, filling up with God’s love and then being wrung out distributing His love to others.

Love is where we fully experience grace and forgiveness and it is the greatest gift anyone can ever receive. Love is why God gave his only son for us and love is what our heavenly Father commands us to do for one another.