Draw near to God and he will

draw near to you





Draw near to God and he will
draw near to you


We are a community of women making space for God and strengthening our commitment to spiritual growth while navigating life’s complexities. Drawing Near to God ministry brings women closer to Him.



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Our Abiding Space is a sacred place where we meet as sisters in Christ. Two blogs are published weekly, ranging in topics from scripture and how to be a better woman to relevant issues and how they relate to our faith. Sign up to receive our blog through email!



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Laying Up Treasures

Jesus wrote the following: For where your treasure is there will your heart be also. (Matthew 6:21) The question we must all ask ourselves... What do we treasure most in our hearts?  On the surface, as believers, it seems like a no-brainer. Of course, our hearts are...

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Whose Plan?

Do you know that God cares about your business? Your business – be it in the workforce, entrepreneurial, serving your family, serving your country, or whatever your livelihood consists of – God is concerned with it! There are many who are under the impression...

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Joanne Ellison is the founder of Drawing Near to God. She inspires women to seek a closer relationship with God and equips them with ways to draw nearer to Him. Along with being a speaker and Bible teacher, Joanne is also an author, writing over 20 Bible study guides and the popular Bible devotional “Drawing Near To God.”



Get involved! Drawing Near to God holds weekly teachings and workshop experiences, speaking engagements, missions and outreach programs, fundraisers, and community events, as well as our annual Drawing Near to God Conference.

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To help you Draw Near to God, we offer numerous study guides, books and even cookbooks!