Real Life Changes

This week Drawing Near to God Ministry is began our fall and spring classes on the book of James. I wrote this Bible study years ago and felt like it was important to teach it again this year. One commentary indicates that for James, a faith that does not produce real change is a faith that is worthless. Please join us either in person or through our anytime anywhere program where you can join us from wherever you are!

A deep dive into this remarkable book and we fall under conviction that our lives must produce fruit. Just this week I was focused on how much I have to do and I had to hit a pause button and ask myself this question: ” Does all of this have to happen this week? Can I take some things off of my to-do list altogether or shift them? “. I had to ask myself these questions because I was irritable and feeling stressed. Bet you all have days or weeks like that as well. As believers, our call is to be like Jesus; our call is to bring Him glory in all that we do. Not sure that I was in that place as I raced through my week. That’s ok. Because there is always this coming week armed with the reminder that life is not just doing; but more about being. You may have heard: it said: “We are human beings, not human doings.”  Let’s keep our focus on Jesus.

I kept my Grandaughter last night and through the eyes of a child I watched the wonder of new experiences. We laughed, ate ice cream on my white chairs without worrying about spills, and dropped into bed at the end of the day. My list of things to do was still sitting on my desk this morning. There is always another day to do those things.

Friends, there may be another day, but maybe not. I want to live my life expectantly with a childlike faith following my Shepherd wherever He leads. We all like to be in control, but freedom is knowing that the best life lived is knowing that tomorrow’s list is not as important as God’s plans.

Why not make a real life change now and join our next Teaching & Worship Experience on Thursday September 14th in person or by streaming?

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