Millennials – Our Hope for the Future

Today my subject on Making Space for God Monday is our need to make space in our lives to parent God’s way. I recently watched a video on millennials three times. It was so informative and well done that it has given me a grasp on our youth and what makes them tick. It has shown me that we have the most amazing generation in these kids, however, we must understand them and we must parent them God’s way.

By definition, Millennials are those persons who were born since 1980. According to Wikipedia, they are marked by increased use and familiarity with communication, media and digital technologies.  I raised a Millennial (just on the border) and one thing I have noted is a desire to keep options open.  My son and his friends did not want to commit to going somewhere if other options were out there. I get a kick out of this because I wish I had the courage to do the same! But at times it can be aggravating when I need to have an answer. Millennials, raised by the Boomers, were told that the sky is the limit. I like this too, however, sometimes it goes too far, giving kids medals when they came in last. I understand the principle of trying to build our children up, however, when they are in the workplace their self-esteem can take a big hit with their employees who do not act like their parents. Some Millennials have a level of entitlement and that can also be a problem.

Now for the good news. These same kids have such potential to change the world for good. They want to live with purpose. They want their lives to count for something significant. If channeled into focused purposeful careers, given a dose of the reality that the real world requires hard work, they are unbeatable.

As Christian parents we have a responsibility to help this generation understand that they are special but not because they got a medal for last place, but because God thinks they are special; that their uniqueness and purpose is hard wired into them because their Creator has done a magnificent work in designing them with purpose and destiny.

These children and young adults are waiting for parents to help guide them into the reality that it is not what they do or even how perfect they do it that counts; it is who they are in Christ and it is a life lived with purpose in Him that counts.

At this point in my life, I have raised my children and am on to grandchildren. I have a chance to pour into my grandchildren the values that will help them thrive and have a sense of confidence. The world is spinning out of control and our children are tossed by the waves of confusion. The best thing we can do for them is to teach them that the love of God grounds them. How many likes they get on Facebook or Instagram is not what proves their worth. Their worth, value and well being are established by whose they are; they are a child of God.

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