A New Humanity
by Joanne Ellison

In this week’s study of Ephesians, we look at Ephesians 2:11-22. In this text, we’re looking at walls of hostility.  As you know, I share my notes from the teaching here on the blog. In the first few lines of this text, Paul is focusing on the Gentiles who were:

  • Alienated from God and thus without hope
  • Alienated from the Jews, God’s chosen people
  • The Greek word is apallotrioo meaning estrange or alienate
  • In the NT this word only occurs twice in Ephesians and once in Colossians



But Paul’s purpose is to focus on a solution to this alienation – to offer peace – and Christ is our peace. He gives us and is:

Extravagant grace
Affirmed as Christ’s own

Now I want to look at the difference between a peacekeeper and a peacemaker (there is a difference)… Jesus is not a peacekeeper but a peacemaker.


  • Act as though it never happened (underneath you are angry)
  • Seek to resolve with half-truths or untruths to resolve conflict
  • Peace keeper’s goal is peace at all costs (which is a lie because there is a cost)


  • Bring truth into the light for the purpose of resolution
  • Desire to love the person as Christ loves us
  • Own your part in the conflict and forgive the other person

Jesus came to bring us peace – it is not the peace of the world. Now isn’t that great news?



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