A River Never Ceasing

Today I want to talk to you about loneliness. You see, we all may feel lonely at times. We can be surrounded by a sea of people and still feel this way. As you may know if you’ve followed my blog before, I sometimes share entries from my devotional, Sitting at His Feet, here. The entries from this devotional come from my personal journal and the comfort that the Lord has given me as I’ve encountered different situations and feelings. Today I want to share an entry about loneliness and the comfort Lord has provided when we feel lonely or rejected. I hope that it is encouraging to you! You are not alone.



There is a river that runs throughout my Word, the Holy Scripture. From Genesis to Revelation, that river brings life. From the beginning to the end, you will find my river never ceasing. I am the Word. I am the Living Water. I once met a woman by a well in Samaria. My heart broke for her as I watched her drawing water all by herself in the heat of the day. She was alone and rejected. She was shocked when I spoke to her asking her to please draw water from the well. As we conversed I told her that I had water I could give her, water that would cause her never to thirst again. I told her that I was the Living Water. She was uncertain at first and questioned me about worshiping on another mountain. How difficult it was for her to comprehend what I was trying to tell her. I am Living Water. When you drink of me you will not thirst; you will not need to feel alone or rejected. Your friends may reject you. Your enemies will surely reject you. But I offer you the refreshing water of my life—water that will fill your emptiness and heal the wound of rejection. Come to me and drink.

Isaiah 43:1-5; Isaiah 55:1-2; John 4:7-14; John 7:38

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