Aging with Grace
by Joanne Ellison

As I age, I continuously hear women saying, “I want to age with grace.” What in the world does that mean? Does it mean to smile and bear it, not color your hair, grit your teeth and act like you like this thing call aging? No. I don’t think it means any of those things. I think what is being said is not to fight it; to appreciate that with age comes an inner beauty and in Christ, a women who is not just accepting aging but embracing it, is exhibiting someone who is content and filled with joy.

I was at the dermatologist a few weeks ago – yes, trying to get rid of old age spots on my face 🙂 – and saw this in a book.

There are days when I feel just like that. Where did my life go? Who is this person in a new body with sagging everything? Who put these wrinkles on this face. Sound a little like self- pity? Perhaps. But friends, what I have discovered is when I go down that road (and we all do) it’s time for a heart check. It’s time to reposition myself – take self off the throne and look to Jesus. It’s time to remember that what counts is what is going on in the inside of me, not the outside. I need to be obsessed with Jesus and possessed by His love. Every time I move off off the throne and invite Him to take over  – called surrender for those of you who despise the surrender word 🙂 – He moves in and reminds me of my beauty in Him. 

I had to laugh as I was working on this making space Monday blog today there was a headline in the newspaper:

So all of you women and men out there who are stressing over aging, take a big breath, say a big prayer– something like this: Father, I can’t say that aging is my favorite thing but I can say that I trust you in it. And.. help me to know that who I am in you is all that counts and everything you have created is beautiful. 



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  1. Anita

    Sweet! and Amen!!

  2. Janene Eldred

    Thank you, Joanne, for this post. I would really like to see more on aging, and being able to recenter ourselves in Christ. I think part of the problem with aging is that the brain thinks from a younger point of view, yet the body doesn’t seem to understand! I taught high school, and worked with teens a good part of my life, so I am used to working with people who are young. I think that almost makes it harder to see myself aging! Anyway, if you have anymore to say on the subject, it would be appreciated. Thanks!

    • joanneellison

      Glad to get the feedback Janene! I agree that we all need to hear more on the subject of aging no matter what age we are. Age is often synonymous with loss of respect in our culture as well and that is something I want to address. Age is and can be a beautiful thing to be richly enjoyed by us and those around us.


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