Approaching God with Confidence
by Joanne Ellison

Some of you have been in our current Drawing Near study of the magnificent book of Hebrews. Although we do not know who authored this letter, we do know that he was zealous for Jewish Christians to hold onto their faith. Persecution was on the rise and most certainly it begged the questions for some: ” Is it worth it to put my trust in Jesus?” As Jews, they were awaiting the Messiah, and in their waiting they had been participating in the sacrificial animal system that would temporarily take care of their sin problem.

Now here is the ringer. The old system and the High Priests offered sacrifices once a year. The people got to feel the joy of their sins being covered. But in less than a minute, they needed to be forgiven again. That’s the problem that Paul spoke about. The sin problem. Yes. It’s a problem that we cannot fix and that the old ceremonial animal sacrifices couldn’t fix either.

So Jesus came…

And He became the sacrifice…

And now we can approach God with confidence. The sin separating us from God was removed. The veil in the old tabernacle was torn between the holy place and the holiest place indicating the future when Jesus became the sin offering.

Pretty heady stuff right? But here is the life application. We do not have to fear approaching God when we receive Christ into our lives. We can approach Him with confidence; assured that His arms are open.

Perhaps you have not been following along with us as we have been studying Hebrews this semester, but it is never to late to join our community of women seeking to be transformed by Christ’s love, offering ourselves to our families and in our workplace and in our relationships as people willing to love deeply. And if you decide to join us, remember you can do so anytime anywhere!



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