As a Man Thinks So He Is

I have been reflecting on the powerful Scripture below:

As a man thinks so is he….

We must always remember to read Scripture in context and the prior verses describe a miser who offers bread which is a common act of hospitality but their heart is not in it. They check it off of their “have to” list but inwardly their motive is not to bless someone but instead to check it off their “to do” list. But God is an examiner of the heart.

King David understood this when he asked the Lord to search his heart:

Search me, God and know my heart, test me and know by anxious thoughts. See if there is any offensive way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting. 

Friends, God is ever searching our hearts through the Holy Spirit. His desire is that we become like Him exhibiting the fruit of the Holy Spirit:

Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, generosity, faithfulness, gentleness, self control. So the way we think is influenced by the transforming work of the spirit within us and our attitudes will reflect a desire to generously give to others without expecting anything in return.

As a man thinks so is he….

When I was a young mother, I remember being overwhelmed (I know many of you young Moms can relate). The holidays were upon us and I had to do the traditional Greek cookie baking and house decorating and entertaining. And of course I accepted the exhausting challenge. Did you notice one thing in the sentence above? I HAD to!  And guess what? My attitude reflected my determination and along with that came self-pity, frustration, mixed with anger that my husband worked long hours and the list goes on….

As a man thinks so is he…

As we approach Thanksgiving and Christmas, it may be time to pull out your “have to” list and write down the things you can eliminate. Ask yourself if your attitude is one that promotes healthy thoughts, joyful expectancy or grin-and-bear-it attitude. Life is meant to be lived from the overflow. The shoulds and oughts need to be thrown out and the heart felt activities reinstated. Somehow we get caught up on a hamster wheel of energy depleting activities especially, but not limited to the holidays. God has a different plan. He is looking at the heart– your heart and His desire is to fill you with His Spirit, His mind, and His love. And in so doing, you will choose to do only those things that are life giving for you and others.

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