Be Careful What You Think
by Joanne Ellison

Welcome to Making Space Monday (for God, that is!) As we continue our journey of spiritual growth together, I want to address our thought life. Scripture is clear that as a man thinks so he is.

This is one of my favorite Scriptures because it always gives me cause to observe my actions to see how they line up with my thought life.

I have just returned from a conference in Colorado Springs. One of the women attending said to me, “All our thoughts have a destination.” She was referring to a period in her marriage where her husband had not consulted her about a financial situation and she was angry because it greatly impacted her as well. She told me that she had a choice to allow her thoughts to go in either of two destinations- forgiveness or anger and bitterness. She chose forgiveness. And the result? She shared that her marriage is stronger than ever.

Friends, we have a real enemy who seeks to destroy our marriages. Covenant marriages are sacred and set apart for God, and the family unit emanating from this sacred covenant is a picture of Christ and His bride/the church. My friend chose to take her thoughts captive and not allow them to go to the wrong destination. It is much easier to go there.

But God….

Has not given us a spirit of fear, but power love and a sound mind.  (2 Timothy 1:7). In other words, fear drives our anger and bitterness, but the power of love covers all offenses. Our thought life can easily go down a destructive lane and result in actions that cause harm.

Don’t get me wrong, if you have been betrayed or mistreated in any way, it is important that you confront the wrong. The point is don’t stay there. Get in another lane with your thoughts and choose not to stay angry and become bitter. We have the choice to be bitter or better.

Paul understood how important our thoughts are. He knew that our thoughts influence our actions- for better or worse. Chained in prison. He chose not to be bitter but better. What do you choose today?



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