Beware of Perspective
by Joanne Ellison

My last few blogs have been about the New Year and this one is the same! I have decided in the New Year to beware of my perspective– with people, decisions, understanding circumstances, etc. It is all too easy to have a false perspective and it seems to happen to me way too often. As believers in Christ, we find ourselves in a different kingdom not of this world; citizens of the Kingdom of God with a God given perspective. But as for me, I have to remember daily that my natural earthly perspective wrestles with a kingdom perspective. The Holy Spirit is pressing on me to seek the Lord’s wisdom in all things. So today I am going to take you on a journey that I took one morning at sunrise with my husband. It was a real adventure and it helped me with the issue of perspective.

Awakened at 5 am (hated that part).

Left at 6 am because hubby says that photographers should get in place for pictures 30 minutes before the sun rises. Ok but that is over kill to me.

We walked in the dark, tripped on rocks on a wilderness path, (no beasts attacked us) and this is what he looked like at a distance.

And then the show began…. First, I learned that there are three sunrises: astronomical, nautical, and civil dawn. Who knew??!

As we watched the sunrise, I could see each one and that is when my thoughts went to perspective. Each one of the three sunrises offered a different look and feel. Finally at the end when the show was over (and it really was a spectacular morning) the sky looked simply average. It was if the glory displayed had never been.

Perspective defined is a particular attitude or way of regarding something, a point of view. 

Each of the sunrises offered a different view. Even at the end when the sky became ordinary looking even bland, a new perspective was seen. The Holy Spirit opens our eyes (if we ask) to see things with kingdom perspective lenses. I may be offended because someone said something to me that hurt my feelings, however the person did not see it that way at all. As I have embarked on my intention to seek God in all things and His perspectiveI have been stunned at how often my lenses are clouded. So in the New Year, let us be intentional in asking the Lord to show us in all things what He says about the situations we face.  I feel certain that like myself you will be surprised at what he shows you! Below are pictures of the various stages of the sun rising this morning. Enjoy!



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