Blinding Rain and Wise Counsel
by Drawing Near to God

Over the weekend the weather was stormy and relentless. It was my turn to pick up my mother and bring her to my house for dinner and I was warned by one of my sisters that it wasn’t a good idea. I didn’t listen because I thought that my commitment was more important and a little risk driving in the rain was worth it.

First mistake- not listening to wise advise

So I made my way onto the first bridge (had to cross three) and the wind and driving rain made it impossible to see the road. I followed the lights of a big truck in front of me and heard myself saying: ” I’ve got this.” Well I did until the truck turned off the bridge. Then back into the blinding rain alone. My hands began to shake and my heart began to beat rapidly. Well… maybe I don’t have this. Next bridge- same thing. I thought about turning around, but why give up when I was half way there? By the time I drove over the third bridge, I was a mess. Not only did I realize that I did not have this, I noted that I should have listened to my sister’s advice not to venture out.

Second mistake- not listening to second warning

Had another call from my other sister who said, stay put. Fix soup and wait for storm to pass. By this time the storm had eased so I left with my precious cargo heading to my house. But.. the crosstown was flooded. I watched with horror all the whole praying like crazy. My mother thought it was a great adventure and I tried to stay calm. Why hadn’t I listened??


Driving rain, flooding….. What was God saying? I was grateful that I took my husband’s car and  I do believe that this was God’s provision because it is heavier and higher than mine so I could get through the flooding.

Friends, we are called to walk by faith and not by sight according to scripture, but we are not called to walk (or in this case drive) blindly into a storm that we can avoid. Sometimes we use scriptures in the wrong way. Such as saying:

I won’t work because God’s Word says He will provide/

I will walk into danger because God said He will protect me.

The list is endless how we can rationalize or irrationalize God’s Word. God’s Word also says to listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit. His Word says there is wisdom in counsel. And my counsel said: “Don’t go”.

For some of you reading this blog today you need to take note that God is speaking to you about something and you need wise counsel. You may be thinking that you will walk by faith into a situation that is dangerous or one in which you cannot see with clarity (think blinding rain). Push the pause button if this is you. Call a trusted counselor to pray or consult with you. God sends us help every day, but we all have to take time to listen.



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