Bucket List
by Joanne Ellison

I have always been intrigued by the expression ” bucket list”. I wonder who made up that phrase meaning those things that we hope to do in our lifetime? When I think of a bucket, I think of filling it up with water, or seashells since I live near the beach…. but things I want to do? Very clever. I do go off on tangents, don’t I? I think too much about everything.

Anyway…. what is on your bucket list? And since this blog is designed for us to make space for God, let’s be more specific:  What is on your bucket list that you sense God is calling you to do? Now that may have thrown you off because you are already off in your mind somewhere thinking about where you want to travel. And that could well be on your God bucket list. But this is an exercise in asking the Lord to show you which road He wants you to travel, what things he wants you to put into the bucket of your life. In other words, what does He need to add into your life to move you in your divine purpose? I began thinking about this the other day when I remembered the ways God has led me over the years and how daily He would lead me, teach me and ultimately lead me to what I am doing now. Along the way, I was not standing still. In fact I have been on a sprint in life it seems at times. But as I jogged through life, He was filling my bucket. One day, however I realized that my bucket had become too heavy to carry.

And for some of you reading this, your bucket has become to heavy too because you have thrown all sorts of things in there that God never intended for you to do or to carry or to have. We add things into our lives at a rapid pace (that’s our now world, right?) and then we run out of fuel. We get stressed, frustrated, unfulfilled and blame it on God or others or our job or (you fill in the blank). But the real issue is none of those things. God handed you a bucket when you became a Christian and in a sense said, “I will fill it.”

Friends, I am seeing way too many people stressed and anxious these days. Running hard after God, but running out of steam. The noise and activity in families has increased, and the whisper of God’s voice is growing faint. But we can change that in an instant. Empty your buckets- those things that you have added to your life that are not important and are not God ordained. How do you do that? Take an hour off and sit with God. Let him fill your bucket. He knows you better than anyone else. He designed you and has a purpose for your life. Daily He fills your bucket with those things to advance His kingdom through you. The bucket should be light in weight and a joy to carry. So take a look inside. It will be worth it.



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  1. Land Lynn

    I want my bucket to be light and joy filled. That is where His Peace resides. I’m taking out the heavy cumbersome. Me- filled stuff. Thank you Joanne!

  2. Audrey Jaudon

    I will do some serious spring cleaning in my bucket!???? I want mine to be light and full of joy too, so that I can throw it over my shoulder if I want ; as I follow our Lord wherever He leads me.

    • joanneellison

      I am doing the same! Want to be available for God with a light bucket ready to be filled!


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