Cargo in the New Year
by Joanne Ellison

Happy and blessed New Year! Today I want to challenge you not to bring your baggage into the New Year. It is easy to check off last year and head full on into the New Year carrying a backpack filled with things that were in the old season; good things but perhaps not the best things for your new season. I always like to spend time reviewing the past year and taking a look in my backpack.

Are there unresolved relationships that I am carrying into the New year/

Is there a bad habit that needs to be released?

Is there a financial burden I can adjust?

The list can be long, but the benefit of looking at those things that do not need to be dragged into the coming year can be helpful. I also ask the Lord to give me a Scripture to focus on in the New Year. It will be my ship’s rudder for the coming year. Speaking of ships, I am in a rental for a year while I am building and am located in a cottage on Charleston’s harbor. I have seen the cargo ships coming to port filled with goods and then leaving the port with empty containers. I have also seen the ships filled and then refilled at port. The image is a strong one of Christ’s work in our lives. He is always filling us with His Word, giving us a safe port to anchor. His Holy Spirit is always examining our lives and as we surrender to Him, we align with His purposes.

The holidays seem a blur as we look in our rear view mirror. The hustle and bustle of seeing family and friends can be activity overload. But as we settle into our daily routines once again, it is so worth it to start fresh seeking the Lord’s wisdom as we begin our next year. One of the things I did this past Christmas is let go of traditions that I had put on my cargo container that weighed me down with stress. I did not write Christmas cards, although I love getting them! I gave gifts to the needy rather than gifts to friends, and I allowed my grandchildren to completely make our Greek cookies rather than wanting them to do a few and me to make a few that looked more perfect. This was my best Christmas ever.

Now going into the New Year, I have decided that streamlining is in fashion. Less is more. I prefer to fill my ship with cargo that intentionally leads others to Jesus. Keeping the main thing seems like a good New Year’s resolution! What about you?



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