Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits. –Psalm 103:2 I forget things all the time. The latest thing I forgot is to buy my husband new socks as he requested a month ago when all of his current socks developed holes in them. When he graciously waited a few weeks […]

Invasive Species

Are there any invasive species planted in your heart? An invasive species is an introduced species to an environment that becomes overpopulated and harms its new environment. Non-native species are plants and animals living in areas where they do not naturally exist. Think for example of the kudzu vines that have ravaged the Appalachian region, […]

The Ultimate Act of Love

hand holding flag

Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends John 15:13 Today is Memorial Day. It is the day we as Americans honor the men and women of the United States Armed Forces who selflessly gave of their lives for our country. It is the day we remember and […]

This Can’t Be What God’s Kingdom Looks Like

I’m thinking about the Apostle Peter today. I’m relating to Peter, more specifically. He was Jesus’ close friend; he followed the Lord wholeheartedly. He was well-intentioned, but he was also brash and presumptuous. He was an external processor without a doubt, and often overestimated his own capabilities. Peter seems genuine, and unvarnished in the scriptures. […]

A Blessing for New Moms

My son is ten weeks old. We’re rounding out the fourth trimester with our fourth baby, and I’m having all the feelings. I feel honored to be his mother. I feel grateful for another sweet baby to love. When he smiles at me – or as of two days ago, laughs at me – I […]

Working from Rest

Friends, I hear from people every day they are overwhelmed with life; emotionally or physically fatigued and even flat-lined in their faith. I have always believed that the enemy of best is good. So as we enter mid-spring, and prepare for the end of the school year with ten thousand activities, let’s examine ways to […]

Jesus Has Not Left His Post

Today I have been thinking about the scripture that tells us that Jesus sits at the right hand of the Father. After the Lord Jesus had spoken to them, he was taken up to heaven and he sat at the right hand of God.  (Mark 16:19) In today’s world, that is chaotic, do you ever […]

Hidden for a Season

Last weekend, I was potting my flowers for spring, and I glanced up and saw bright red flowers poking up in the distance. I was in a country setting and thought it might be wildflowers coming up. When I went over, I recognized it as a flower that had been potted last spring that I […]

Too Many Requests

One day I was working on a series of teachings on unity and prayer for a conference. During my preparation time, I began to click through Safari, email, etc. and my computer just gave up. I admit I was moving fast, but really… this message came up that said, “Too many requests.” At first, I […]

Waiting is Strengthening

One of my favorite scriptures is Isaiah 40:31. But it is also not one of my favorites. I like the part where my strength will be renewed. I like the part about running and not getting weary. I just don’t like the concept of waiting. I bet some of you reading this are thinking the […]