Commitment and Freedom
by admin

I have been thinking lately a lot about commitment. What does it mean to be fully committed? Why is commitment important? Why is it so difficult to be committed or stick with a commitment? Thought you all might like to explore some of these questions with me.

I am intrigued by the two definitions I found on commitment:

  •  the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause, activity, etc. 
  •  an engagement or obligation that restricts freedom of action. 

The first definition is positive and points to being dedicated to a cause but the second definition has a negative connotation implying that commitment is an obligation that restricts our freedom.

Depending on how you look at these definitions may define how you view commitment. In my opinion, being dedicated to a cause and following through with action steps does not restrict freedom but enhances freedom; freedom to be “all-in”; freedom to pour into something that you believe in; freedom to have a voice and make a difference. Yes, being committed will require restrictions on your time, but true commitment brings a sense of well-being and accomplishment.

Jesus made a commitment to go to the cross. His Father sent Him, He obeyed and though He asked that this cup be taken from Him, ultimately He chose to follow through on His commitment. His act of obedience required trusting His Father and knowing that His cause would save the world.

Which brings me to my point…

Today’s society is soft on commitment– whether it is to stick with a difficult relationship and work through the issues, following through on a job commitment or keeping your word. True commitment has gotten a bad reputation of being too restrictive; too demanding on our time and resources.

Jesus showed us the way to being committed. He taught us to be faithful to His cause; to believe in His name and do the same things He did. Our cross may be to stand with a friend who is suffering or stick with a marriage that is difficult or follow through with a promise given to a co-worker.

Friends, being dedicated to Christ comes with the commitment to follow His ways and sometimes it feels restrictive. But as we learn to yield to His purposes and trust His leading, we find that devotion and loyalty to Christ and His ways, is anything but restrictive. It is the place where true freedom is found.



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