This morning, I have been thinking about my son who has a passion for photography. He started with a simple desire to take pictures – but after 6 months, I noticed he had 1,000 ‘likes’ on one of his photos on Instagram . I say this not just as a proud Mom but to encourage each of you that your Creator designed you with special gifts as well. As I watched my son develop his gift, I realized that our gifts lay dormant until we step out in faith to exercise our gift. This post is for those of you who are like Moses when he said to God: ‘Isn’t there anyone else that you could send to lead your people out of Egypt?’ That’s not exactly how he said it; my interpretation of this verse is that Moses felt insecure about stepping out in faith.

How many of you reading this recognize the gifts that God has deposited in you? How many of you recognize them but have never exercised them? How many of you do not see anything that is creative within you? No matter how you answer these questions, it’s time to take a look at your life through God’s creative lenses. Here are some practical ways to ascertain your unique gifts:

What do you enjoy doing? (Seems like a silly question but our gifts given by God; when exercised, they breathe life into us)

What do people say that you are good at? (Pay attention– you may be surprised at what they say that you never recognized)

What do you think about when you consider a safe, quiet place in your head? For example, when you exercise a gift of painting, it can bring a sense of peace.

What do you tell yourself you love so much that you would do it for free (if you could)?These questions are simply a starting point to get you thinking about what God is saying to you about His creation (that’s YOU). Take time today to think about this. I sense even as I am writing this, God is calling some of you to step out in faith and trust Him.

Photo Credit by Billy Ellison
Billy and Blount Ellison
Photo Credit by Billy Ellison



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