This morning I decided to have my devotional time outside as the sun was rising. I expected it to be a serene quiet time but the activity of the birds and squirrels made it fairly noisy! I loved watching the birds on the feeder. And then… a persistent squirrel made his way to the bird feeder. Actually, he climbed up the tree, and took a huge leap onto the feeder and then held on for his life. Over and over again, this small squirrel bravely forged the tree and flew through the air. It was quite a sight! But what struck me was he would not give up. He took risk after risk, slamming into the ground when he missed. The reward was worth it.

one brave squirrel

Made me think of our life in Christ. I don’t know about you, but some things simply seem too daunting for me to try. I watched that squirrel, thinking if the Holy Spirit told me to take a leap of faith and do something seemingly impossible, would I do it? Chances are 50/50 I would. That made me really think. Scripture is clear that God is with us when we step out in faith, so why fear? Well for one, I don’t like the thought of slamming into the ground like that squirrel. I don’t like the idea of failing. So I told God that. His answer: With me all things are possible. 

That is the key, friends– with HIM all things are possible. We have to step out in faith or we will never see the mighty acts of God. Think about it.

Moses tried to wiggle his way out of taking God’s people out of Egypt. He offered excuses such as, ”’What about my speech impediment”? Or, ” What if I make you look bad, God? “Or “What if these hard-headed Israelites want to know your name?” He was full of excuses. Sound familiar?

Or Noah, when God told him to build the ark. I imagine he has a few excuses and questions.

How about Elijah who saw a magnificent demonstration of God’s power on Mount Carmel and then went and hid in a cave?

And Mary –  told she would carry the Son of God – afraid, troubled and yet willing.

Time and time again, we will be faced with a decision. Do we step out in faith and trust God or do we play it safe? If we want to see God show off, then we need to step out of the boat, jump into His purposes, and forge the mountains and obstacles that face us. If we want to know God in a deep and intimate way, we cannot play it safe because God isn’t safe. He is good.

Today I want us as a community seeking to make space for God, to make space for taking bold steps of faith when we hear our Master calling us. Like my resilient squirrel friend, let’s jump from our safe trees and cling to Jesus. He will never fail us.

I would love for you to share your stories of how you took a leap of faith and God met you on the other side. It would encourage us all.

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