Digging the Well of Meaning

In the second chapter of Acts, the people were perplexed when the day of Pentecost came and a violent wind came from heaven filling the whole house where people were sitting. They saw tongues of fire that separated and came to rest on each of them, and all were filled with the Holy Spirit. Jesus had told his disciples that He must go so that the Holy Spirit could come and that is what happened that day!

The people were amazed…

They were bewildered…

They heard people speaking in other tongues and each one heard in their native language. 

Amazed and perplexed they asked: “What does this mean?”

Friends, this should be our response when we do not understand something. This should be our cry: “What does this mean?” Why? Because our tendency is to ACT. Our tendency is to ask the wrong question such as “what shall we do?” We often want to do something when we don’t comprehend what is going on and when circumstances do not line up or confusion reigns. We want God to show us what to DO about it. But the better question is this:

What does it mean? 

When our energy is spent on a call to action rather than reflection, asking what does this mean, we jump start something when God wants to show us something. Our energy needs to be spent on digging a deep well trying to find the answer to what God is trying to show us. When we jump to action we either stall His work or we thwart His work in us. The people we read about in the second chapter of Acts were baffled, perplexed and amazed. They questioned what did all of this mean and then they were able to move forward with an action step. I find myself following the pace of the world, creating my own solutions to problems I do not even understand. I work myself into a frenzy looking for a solution, when the Lord wants to give me understanding. Truth is we don’t always understand what is going on when faced with the issues of life, but we do find peace and sometimes clarity when we stop and ask.

What issues are you faced with today that make no sense and you find yourself looking for solutions? Perhaps this message is for you. Make space for God to speak to you. Silence all of the other voices that tend to scream louder than His. Quiet your mind and ask the Holy Spirit the question that the bewildered people asked at Pentecost.

Lord, what does this mean? 

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