Enjoy Your Day
by Joanne Ellison

This morning in Drawing Near community leadership meeting, someone mentioned that they are so busy looking at the future that they are not remembering to enjoy the present day. This is a common thing for many of us— to wonder what lies ahead in the future and plan accordingly. There is a place for this, but not at the expense of living fully into each day and enjoying today. Today is a gift that will be gone tomorrow.

I remember when I was struggling with one of my children and in frustration I said to the Lord that I wished this phase would go by quickly. As soon as the words left my mouth, I heard the familiar voice of my Shepherd: Joanne, enjoy even the hardship of today because the joy found in it will be lost. I’m thinking….. ” What joy?” Guess He read my mind. Joy that cannot be seen, but in the rearview mirror we can find joy in every season.

The middle of the night baby feedings…

The job that we thought would crush us and yet we are stronger…

The relationships that were sound and then became toxic or unhealthy…

The list is endless, but the value is there. Every season of life, every hardship has a silver lining in the hands of God.

This promise is for those who love God. It’s one of my favorites as I seek to find good in a rough season. And this promise helps me to live fully in each day, opening my heart to the good even when my mind and heart can’t find it. It is there like a precious treasure waiting to be mined.

As a community, I would love to hear ways that the Lord is helping you to appreciate each day. I would love to hear your stories. We learn from one another and are encouraged by one another as we seek to love God with our whole hearts and as we seek to find the gold nuggets placed in our daily lives.



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