Feed My Sheep

Good morning and welcome to Making Space  for God Mondays where as a community of believers we seek to make space for God. Today we are going to answer the question: What field has God placed us in and who are we supposed to be feeding? What I mean in common language is; Where has God placed me and who are my people– the ones He has sent me to help? 

My Assignment

So I have been pondering this question too– looking daily for my God given assignment. I don’t think any of us wishes to waste our time on projects or people to which God has not assigned us.  And the most curious thing is that often He asks us to do the impossible. He uses us in our places of weakness. Paul figured this out. He asked God to take away an illness and God answers:

My grace is sufficient for you. My power is perfected in your weakness; when you are weak, I am strong. 

Time for each of us to lay down our can do attitudes and recognize that our assignments often require the opposite. Paul describes it this way:

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. 


I can do all things because I am strong. 

God gives us daily assignments, weekly, monthly, yearly and even lifetime assignments, and it is our responsibility to seek Him daily for insight and understanding. Years ago, I heard God whisper during my devotional time with Him: Feed my sheep. Needless to say, I had no idea what He meant, however as time moved on, He began to show me that my life assignment was to start a ministry helping people make space for God. My daily assignments varied, but the long road assignment never altered.

While I was in Israel a few weeks ago in the church of the Sepulchre, I heard the voice of My Shephered again repeating the same words to me: Feed my Sheep. It was a powerful moment, unexpected after 18 years of hearing the initial call.

What about you? Are you making space for God daily to hear His voice?  He is offering you opportunities you may never have thought or dreamed about. You may be focusing on all the reasons you cannot follow Him into the unknown. But God will continue to whisper in your ear– let’s go. I have need of you here; Feed my lambs.

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