First Assault: Weak Resources

The LORD turned to him and said, “Go in the strength you have and save Israel out of Midian’s hand. Am I not sending you?”

Judges 6:14


The power of the Midianites was so oppressive that the Israelites hid in caves and shelters. The Midianites camped on their land, destroyed their crops, and killed their livestock. An angel then appeared to Gideon and told him to save Israel, calling Gideon a mighty warrior. Gideon, in total disbelief, told the angel, in essence, “Are you out of your mind? I am from the weakest clan and I am the least in my family.” The Lord replied by telling him to go in the strength that he has, because He will be with him. God promised to be with him and to use him to defeat the Midianites. The enemy causes us to believe that we are weak. The Lord tells us that with Him we are mighty warriors.

King Sennacherib of Assyria also attempted to cause fear in the Israelites: “On what are you basing this confidence of yours?” he asks. (Isaiah 36:4)

This is the question posed to us today as believers as well, and it would be wise for us to evaluate exactly in what or in whom we place our confidence.

The field commander serving as spokesperson for King Sennacherib pointed out that they were depending on Egypt, a splintered reed. (Isaiah 36:6) Egypt was known for her resources, particularly her massive army and chariots of horses. If the people of Jerusalem had put their confidence in Egypt, they would have failed. But through the strong, godly leadership of their king, Hezekiah, they chose to believe that God would deliver them. It is an easy trap for us to fall into when we look at the meager or seemingly weak resources we have to defend ourselves against the assaults of the enemy; but we must remember, like Hezekiah and like Gideon, He will surely come and save us!

Where are you experiencing lack? Are you struggling financially or in your job? Or perhaps, like Gideon, God is asking you to do something that requires your complete dependency on Him. Remember God’s words to Gideon, Go in the strength you have… am I not sending you? (Judges 6:14)

Heavenly Father,

I confess that I have looked at what appears to be a lack of resources when You have asked me to serve You: my fears, my lack of finances, my inadequacies. Today, I choose to believe in Your Word that in You I am a mighty warrior, that You will strengthen me and provide what I need to accomplish what You have called me to do.

In Jesus’ name, Amen

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