From Deception to Victory
by Joanne Ellison

We all have seasons where we are anxious— times when we have to make a decision and we need answers; times when we find ourselves alone and afraid and feeling beat up. Paul writes that the enemy prowls around like a roaring lion and is particularly relentless when we are in a weakened state. He pushes hard when we are anxious, tired, or stressed, and finds a way to wiggle his way to create confusion and chaos in our lives.

Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. (I Peter 5:8)


But God….

He is for us not against us. He is speaking to us and leading us beside still waters. He is our shepherd and leads us beside still waters restoring our souls.

There are three predominate ways in which we are deceived:

  • We believe lies from the enemy
  • We regard the counterfeit wisdom of the world or this age
  •  We listen to our own “stinkin thinkin.”

But God is still speaking and when we seek His wisdom and counsel, stay alert and rested and ready to listen, He will lead. Listen to the sound of the still waters that  barely move, but are leading you. Note that the waters are quiet. However the  voices of the enemy, thoughts in your head, and the counterfeit wisdom of this age, are very loud. We must be still in order to hear the still waters.

The Lord is my Shepherd. He leads me beside he still waters. He restores my soul. 

In the 9th chapter of Joshua, Joshua is deceived by the Gibeonites who pretended to be from far off. The Gibeonites knew that God had told them not to enter into a treaty with the Cannanites. So they tricked Joshua by pretending to have traveled a long distance when in fact they were only a short distance away.  Joshua saw their ragged clothes and beleaguered look and in his own man made wisdom, he missed the truth. They tricked him into entering an alliance with them and Joshua, a man of his word was trapped.

Friends, we must be diligent to walk by faith and not by sight; to consult God on every decision we make, and seek His wisdom. The enemy seeks to rob steal and destroy, but Jesus came to seek and save the lost; to lead us in His ways and bring rest to our souls.



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