Give Thanks with a Grateful Heart
by Joanne Ellison

Happy Thanksgiving! While today is a special day of giving thanks, we must remember that it is not the only day to give thanks for all that the Lord has done.  Below is an entry from my devotional, Sitting at His Feet, on thankfulness and how when we draw near to God, He helps us through every circumstance of life.

I watch over you all day and even in the night. I created you to worship me, to bring me glory, and I watch over you as a mother watches over her children. Your walls are ever before me; the barriers in your life that threaten to separate me from you. Lay aside every encumbrance and run to me. Keep in mind that I am always with you, always watching over you, and come to me. Give thanks with a grateful heart as you remember my willingness to draw you near. Every circumstance of your life has been designed by me to draw you near. I do not cause you harm or pain. There is much suffering in the world, but I draw you near to help you through the pain. Thankfulness and praise are the anecdotes to the world’s pain that seem like torrents of rain that threaten to overtake you. Remember to cast all of your anxiety, all of your burdens on me. I have already carried them to the cross. In this give thanks.


Isaiah 49:15-16; Hebrews 12:1; James 4:8




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