God Delights in Us
by Joanne Ellison
How God delights in us, His master creation! When he created the earth He said it was good…. and then He created man and said that it was very good. The pufferfish in this video is trying to attract a female pufferfish. He goes to extravagant lengths to get her attention by using his fins to create a masterpiece.

Jesus Christ pursues you with a radical affection that is indescribable yet undeniable. He gave His life for the love of you… and continues to pursue you with His magnificent love.



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  1. Kinsey S McCullough

    Wow!!!! Our INDESCRIBABLE Lord JESUS is so AWESOME!!! HE IS AMAZING!!!! PRAISE BE to our KING of kings and LORD of lords FOREVER and EVER!!! AMEN!!! ♥????????????♥


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