When God Says No
by Joanne Ellison

Today I want to share with you an older blog post that still rings true for us today. You see, we all hear “no” and face our own share of disappointments in our lives. But “no” always leads to God’s greater “yes” out of His infinite love for us. Let’s take a look together…

We know very little about Mary. We know that she valued worshipping Jesus above all else. Two of the times we see her in Scripture she is either sitting at the feet of Jesus or pouring oil over his feet preparing Him for burial. She had tapped into the secret of knowing that in His Presence, there is a fullness of joy; that in His Presence, every need is met and even the “nos” of life take on a new meaning. She must have been told no many times. All of us grew up hearing  ‘no.’ When my children young I used to tell them, “What part of no do you not understand?” We all understand the word ‘no’ but that doesn’t mean we have to like it.

Mary, sitting at the feet of Jesus, came with her own disappointments in life. She came with her bucket full of the times she had wanted to do something but could not. She came with her desires, her needs, and she hoped that she would hear yes. We do not know if she asked Him for anything at all, but what we can be sure of is that what she thought she wanted changed in the Presence of Jesus. All of her disappointments, all of her desires for someone to say ‘yes’ to her were lost in the pool of His refreshing Presence. As she gazed into His eyes she didn’t have a care in the world.



His Presence is like a rainbow of color…..

Sometimes we want something so badly and it doesn’t work out the way we wanted. You may have prayed for a loved one to be healed and they died. You may have wanted a broken relationship to be restored and it wasn’t. We have all suffered through tragedies, heartbreak and sorrow, and I think we have all gone through those times when we’ve wondered: Where is God – what is He thinking? What is He doing (or not doing)? I know I have, more than once. How about you?



He is still there……. He hears….. Image 1

I want to suggest to you that God is infinitely more than any answer you are looking for. When He says no He does so from knowing the bigger picture. He does so from knowing what you really need, not necessarily what you may want. He does so because His love for you is greater than any “no” you may have to endure.

So the question I leave you with is this, ”What would it take for you to trust God completely? That’s a question worth pursuing. Mary discovered that all of her fears, her needs, and her own plans had to bow down to the Presence of Her Savior.



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