God’s Divine Purpose

Recently I read an article on black holes. Throughout the article, I was reminded of the Scripture:

The universe declares the glory of God. 

Black holes were an entirely unwelcome consequence of Einstein’s theory of general relativity that ascribes gravity to the warping of space-time geometry by matter and energy. Too much mass in one place, the equations said, could cause space to wrap itself around in a ball too tight and dense for even light to escape. In effect, Einstein’s theory suggested, matter, say a dead star, could disappear from the universe, leaving behind nothing but its gravitational ghost.

Amazing, right?!

As Christians, we know that God is Elohim, the Creator of the Universe. Science points to a force that is not human. The more we learn about our universe, the more we see that God’s design was perfect and that all that He created, He created with a divine purpose.

Many of the women I counsel are seeking to know God’s purpose for their lives; looking for meaning and significance. I tell them to start with the first truth:

God is Creator of the Universe

And He created mankind with purpose; designed in His image

And you are His most magnificent creation with a divine purpose to fulfill

As we live our lives on earth, whether we are aware or not, we are seeking our God-given destiny. Elohim has created us with a hole in our hearts that only He can fulfill. Our purpose is to love the Lord God with all of our heart, strength, soul, and mind. And….

To love our neighbor as ourselves.

Simply put- God wants us to love Him with complete surrender and from this place of love and infilling with His love, serve mankind.

Now here is where we need to make space for God. In order to have something to give to others (our purpose) we must find ways to meet with God. This is a divine-other-worldly- endeavor. The world says to stay busy doing… and doing… and even creating our own universe. But God has given us His divine assignment:

To love our enemies

To turn the other cheek

To seek to forgive and be forgiven

To practice self-sacrifice for the benefit of others

The most fulfilling life is the life in Christ poured out on others. And this is simply not natural. It’s easier to get even than to love our enemies. It’s not fun to turn the other cheek when wronged. And to ask for forgiveness. Well that is simply not always easy. And self- sacrifice? What? I want to meet my own needs. Laying down my “wants” and giving to others, let’s just say that is not first on my list either.

But God….

has ordained it for us to be filled with His love and complete our destiny wherever, whenever and to whomever He places in our lives. In a nutshell…

Your destiny– my destiny— is to love others with Christ’s love.  We are looking and looking for purpose and significance when our purpose is right in front of us. Look around at where God has planted you and bloom where you are planted. He has designed you, chosen you, and ordained you to fulfill His call.

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