God’s Promises Stand
by Joanne Ellison

This week in our study of Romans, we looked at Romans 9 and how God’s promises stand. It is important for us as we study Romans 9 to keep the “bigger picture” in mind. What emerges is a picture Paul paints with words and at the end, we will see the whole painting. For example, individuals like Abraham, Isaac, Sara, Ishmael, Pharaoh, Esau, and Jacob are all mentioned as being part of God’s plan. God used them to establish the nation of Israel, the nation he chose (elected) to bring forth the Messiah. Isn’t that a beautiful thought?

As I do each week, I wanted to share some notes from the lesson. In this chapter of Romans, Paul determined to show cause for God’s faithfulness to Jews and Gentiles. He anticipates the following questions: 

  • If God cannot bring His chosen “elect” people to salvation how do Christians know that God can save them? 
  • What remains of God’s promises to the Jews now that the Messiah has come and the Jews have rejected him?
  • Why did the Jews reject the Messiah?
  • What happens to God’s plan of election for the nation of Israel in light of their rejection of the Messiah?
  • How does the Jews’ rejection of the Messiah affect the new believing Gentiles in light of the promises of God? (ie- might God cancel the promises to the Gentiles?)
  • Is it possible for God’s Word, His promises to fail due to Israel’s rejection? If so, what hope is there in the assurance of God’s redemptive Word found in Jesus Christ?

But God… 

We have God’s mercy and in this lesson, Paul emphasizes God’s mercy to those who are destined for destruction as he patiently waits for their repentance. He points to His highest purpose of mercy leaving a remnant to carry out His purposes. (vv.28-29)

God’s Unfailing Mercy  

  • Nothing depends on man’s effort or desire but on God’s mercy
  • God’s mercy is based on His love 
  • God’s mercy is based on His seeing the best for us (Father Knows Best)
  • God’s mercy is based on His character (Exodus 33)- I will proclaim my name (the Lord) He is Lord of all. 
  • His mercy is to always bring us to Him

In Romans 9, Paul challenges Christians to trust God’s mercy and His purposes and clearly shows how God has executed His plan through the nation of Israel. Here are some practical tips that you can apply to your own life. I would love to hear how you are applying these in your life — leave a comment below!

  • Seek the Lord and His promises to you.
  • Pray to believe and trust that God has a perfect plan for your life.
  • Trust His mercy to bring justice in all things



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