God’s Righteous Judgment
by Joanne Ellison

Women's Christian Conference SpeakerGood afternoon, Drawing Near to God community! As those of you who have been following my blog know, we have been journeying through Romas this semester in our Teaching & Worship Experience. I like posting my notes on here so you can get a sense of what we’re studying and you can follow along with us!

The “red thread” of our lesson this week is this –  The power of the Gospel impartially judges all hearts. 

Powerful, huh? In our study, we looked at Matthew 7:1-2. Some learnings from this Scripture: 

  • Do not judge or with the same measure we judge others we will be judged. 
  • Can’t judge if you have a plank in your own eye. 
  • Judge by the authority of the Word (I Cor. 5:12)
  • Judgments we make come back on us  

Now, let’s dig back into Romans, specifically Romans 2:1-16. In this section Paul sets forth principles that govern God’s judgment. God judges:

  • According to truth (vs. 2)
  • According to deeds (6-11)
  • According to the light a person has (12-15)

Romans can be pretty heavy but through it, we are learning how God transforms and how through Him, we can lead transformed lives. Keep along this journey with us!



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