Holy Spirit, Our Guide
by Joanne Ellison

This summer I went on a biking trip and throughout the long, and sometimes grueling, days I began to see an analogy between my husband’s help with my cycling efforts and the Holy Spirit who is our Paraclete (meaning comes alongside).  So I decided to share with you some of the insights I learned along the way. Our cycling trips are ordinarily 40-50 miles a day and for a non-cycler (that’s me) this is a bit of a challenge. Yes, I prepare before I go and take my gel seat with me but nevertheless, it does not rate high on my favorite way to travel. I much prefer walking or riding in a car… or an airplane.. anything than a bicycle. So why do I go? Glad you asked. It is all worth it to see my passionate cyclist husband smiling the whole week and saying to me that I am a superstar. It’s good for my marriage and that is all I have to say about that. 🙂

So here are some of the tips I learned along the way.

My husband rode behind me so that he could keep his eyes on me. It was a slower pace than his preferred rides, but helping me was more important to him than speed. He wanted to make sure I kept up and found my way and that I did not have an accident. The cycling roads were marked each day so I probably would not have gotten lost, but nevertheless, he wanted to stay close.

If the path was clear, He would come alongside my bicycle so we could ride side by side and instruct me on how to be more efficient with my pedaling or how to use my gears. There were times when I would get so frustrated with all of the roadside training, particularly when it came to hill climbing (since we don’t have mountains in this lovely coastal city). There were so many gears on my left and right handlebar I needed to stop and take notes (no I didn’t). But the point is he instructed me so I would be more secure, safe and efficient in my riding.

One day, I asked him to please ride in front of me so that he could ride fast and frankly so that I could ride more slowly. We argued over that one and finally, he took off. I panicked. Suddenly my helper, instructor, the one who thought I was superwoman was out of sight. Friends, let me tell you I cycled as fast as I could to catch up with him. Why? Because I needed my helper. Same with each of us. We need the Holy Spirit, Paraclete to come alongside us and guide us. He is there but sometimes we push Him away, ignore Him, or think that we can do things without His help. Sound familiar?

Jesus told His disciples that He was leaving the earth but would send His Holy Spirit to lead us into truth, to guide us and to convict us of sin. Surrendering to the Holy Spirit is like riding a bicycle with the best coach in the world. I know. I made it through 8 days only because I had my helper with me. He never left. It was only me that left him for a hot second and then I realized that I needed his help. We need God’s help and He graciously sent us Jesus who then sent His Spirit. How blessed we are.



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