How to read Scripture
by Joanne Ellison

I am often asked how to read Scripture. My response is to allow the Word to read you, to have the Word speak to you as a love letter from God the Father. When I read Scripture, I ask the Lord to speak to me through His Word and journal what I sense He is saying to me.

This entry is from my book, Sitting At His Feet, the book is a compilation of journal entries from my personal quiet times with the Lord. These writings come out of my wrestling through issues with Him in the Word and in prayer and the comfort He has given me in the process. They come from a heart to heart meeting with the Lord.

My hope is that the journal entries and accompanying Scripture would encourage you in your journey with the Lord and act as a catalyst to take you deeper into the Word and into His presence and deeper in your response to Him. As you seek Him with all of your heart, soul, strength, and mind, may you find His Word to be the water that cleanses the heart; may it illumine the dark places of life, bring forth truth and conviction, gives hope, and restore the soul; may it be a lamp to your feet and a light to your path.


My child, I know you think that I have deserted you. The overwhelming feeling of loss and heartache threatens to overtake you. I once had a friend named David who had to run from a mad King Saul. There were days when he cried out to me. I answered, but he could not hear my still small voice. Fear and anxiety crowded out my voice, but I did not abandon him.  His agony turned into depression until one day my voice broke through. One day David remembered. He remembered that I had promised never to forsake him even in his darkest hour and that I was with him wherever he went. And in remembering he recalled my name: I AM. I am not the God of I was or the God of I will be. I AM. And when he remembered I was there, when he became still and heard my voice, the oppression lifted. Turn to me my friend. I am the only One who sticks closer to you as a brother.

Exodus 3:13-15; Proverbs 18:24; Psalm 142:5-12




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