It’s Time to Change Your Course
by Joanne Ellison

Sometimes life changes in an instant. We are going in one direction and suddenly we find our course has not only shifted, but we are now going in the opposite direction. I remember when I found out I was pregnant. In that moment my life changed, most certainly for the better, but nevertheless life was now moving onto a new path. Life is like that sometimes, a surprise path and perhaps even a difficult one. But as we seek the Lord, He will guide and direct us.

The Apostle Paul, a highly educated, member of the coveted religious sect of Judaism known as a Pharisee, thought his life was on course. BUT GOD… had another plan for his life. He was on the way to persecute Christians called the “Way” and had a life changing moment on the road to Damascus. The Lord spoke to him. He became blind and he groped his way back home. For 10 days he sat in the darkness. What do you think went through His mind? Who was this person who spoke to Him and why was he now blind? And then someone from the “Way” went to him, laid his hands on his eyes, and suddenly he could see again. And then his life course changed.

God got a hold of Paul’s life—his destiny was about to unfold.


That day Paul went from His yes to God’s yes, from His own plans to God’s plans.

I often meet people who say to me: “My life was on course. I was at the top of my game, and suddenly everything turned for the worse.” As we begin to contemplate the turn of events, sometimes we can see that God was making a correction, or a repositioning of our lives. It’s not easy to see in the moment, and we normally have to work through the difficulties of change, Sometimes change is accompanied by anxiety and fear, but with our kingdom lenses on, we are able to see God at work.

The Apostle Paul in short order went from persecuting Christians to being persecuted. He wrote a massive amount of the New Testament and he had a huge impact on the spread of Christianity. His life was on a seemingly perfect path until the Lord of all Lords spoke to him on the road. And he went from living his best life to living a life of imprisonment, beatings and the like. But his life had kingdom eternal purpose, and he chose not to look back.

My sense as I am writing this is that some of you are struggling with your current path; that you are afraid to change courses and you sense that God may be doing something new in your life, but fear stands in the middle of the road blocking your path. Take your fears to the Lord. Seek Him asking Him to give you courage to move in His direction. It may not be what you had hoped for or even dreamed of, but it will be a life with kingdom purpose and joy.



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