Life Turned Inside Out
by Joanne Ellison

We all know that life can turn upside down and inside out overnight. We all have had unexpected losses and turns in the road of our lives that we didn’t see coming. As believers, how should we handle these stressful times? It’s easy to lose our way as we navigate these losses.

Over the past few weeks, three of my friends have died. One was a total shock and as I pick up the pieces with my friends who loved her so much, we have communicated in the loss what we have gained.

We have gained a new perspective (or perhaps been reminded) that life is fleeting; that this is not our home forever and each day must be lived fully in Christ and for Christ

We have learned that friends and family are more important than any material possession we may have or desire. They are irreplaceable in our journey of life.

Time spent loving the Lord and pouring out His love on others is time well spent.

When Jesus was about to depart this earth He taught his disciples many things that things that have come to my mind lately. He told His disciples that He would not leave them as orphans; that His Holy Spirit would be with them (and now us) to guide and direct our paths. He told them that He came that we might have abundant life, and He left giving us a life of hope until we go to be with Him forever. His words were confusing to the disciples, but as they looked back, they became clear. Jesus said He would be with them. So that my friends is the answer. No matter what you are going through, Jesus is near. He calls us to draw nearer to Him and to make space in our busy lives for His Presence to fill ever space in our lives and turn our upside down lives right side up. He offers us something that the world cannot offer; HIs peace and hope for our future.

This is the Gospel message. This is the good news that Jesus Christ has come and was resurrected on the third day. And this is the reason we celebrate Easter. And one day He will return again and oh what a day that will be. To Him be the glory as we celebrate His resurrection and the impact on our lives!



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