Life’s Constant Change

Life is full of seasons of change and transition.  Our school system is set up to transition us from one grade to another. We transition in our relationships, our jobs, and we move into new neighborhoods. Change is simply a part of life.

This week in our Drawing Near to God study of Joshua, in the 22nd chapter of Joshua the tribes of Reuben, Gad and half tribe of Manasseh were ready to return and transition back to their homes. They had obeyed Moses and helped all the the other Israelite tribes settle in the Promised land West side of the Jordan. When they returned they built an altar and when the Israelites heard about this, they were concerned that they were going to worship foreign gods breaking faith. They remembered the time of the sin of Peor and how their rebellion impacted the nations of Israel. So they sent representatives to check things out only to discover that these tribes built the altar simply as a witness to Jehovah God to remind future generations to worship Him.

The three tribes had to go back home transitioning to the place to which they were called. They had to leave the pack so to speak and form a new life west of the Jordan. When controversy hit, they worked it out explaining why they built the altar. It all worked out, but the reality was that it was a new day and a new life. Change can be hard. Those left behind can feel abandoned. Those going forward may feel anxious. But change can also be exciting seasons of growth, meeting new people and having new adventures.

Are you in transition right now? Are you anticipating a transition? Perhaps you are getting married or having a baby or have recently changed jobs. As you move into new territory, ask the Holy Spirit to give you His roadmap and to order your steps.

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