Listen More
by Joanne Ellison

Happy New Year (and Making Space for God Monday)! As we start the New Year, I’d like to propose that, as a Drawing Near to God community,  we make a resolution to listen more – to listen to God’s voice and to each other.

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God (John 1:1). Think about that for a moment. Expressed in this verse is a profound truth; that God’s nature is to communicate. Jesus is the Word who was with God the Father at creation and who came to earth communicating His message of salvation. He is the Living Word who continues to speak throughout the ages. When God speaks things happen. For example when He said “let there be light” there was set into motion the creation of the sun and moon.

God Has Not Stopped Talking

The voice of God is a powerful force in nature. The Bible is the written Word, but His living voice is heard filled with the breath of His life. These days I am reading through the Gospel of Mark. I stop after every few lines waiting to hear the voice of God. I am tempted to look at the commentaries in my study Bible, but for my first reading, I discipline myself to let the Word speak to me alone. I quiet myself before the Lord expecting to hear His voice.

The Noisy World

Our world is filled with noise. This morning as I ran errands I was acutely aware of how my thoughts kept drifting. I heard a song on the radio and my thoughts went there. My phone rang and my thoughts were carried into that conversation. And in the store, as my text messages kept beeping and the cart was clanking and the music in the store was playing….. I realized it is no wonder that I struggle with coherent thoughts some days. We are all on noise overload. But in the morning, before my day begins I listen to the Voice. I am able to listen because I have made space for Him by shutting out the world. It is just me and God. I read the Word and I listen. But trust me, it is difficult some mornings. My thoughts are racing and I am tempted to check e-mail, or get to work. But the Voice beckons me to be still and listen.

Now Speaking

When we approach our Bible not as a Word once spoken, but a Word now speaking everything changes. Being in ministry, one of the things I hear most frequently is, “Why doesn’t God speak to me?” Dear friends, He is speaking. He never stopped. I would love to hear any tips you might have that help you be still and listen. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Be still and know that I am God. (Psalm 46:10)



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