Missed Opportunities
by Joanne Ellison

Although this blog is titled “Missed Opportunities,” I want to share with you an opportunity I did not miss over the Christmas holidays. I could have missed it. Frankly I wanted to miss it, but I will never regret that I was willing to go.

My husband asked me to go on the boat with him in order to take a picture of an oyster bank. I thought it was a crazy idea in the middle of December, but it was unusually warm for this time of year (60 degrees and for me that feels like 40!). I did not have the proper warm clothing so I borrowed his. We had recently had a discussion about trying to do more things together since we find ourselves so busy these days. On that note, I bundled up and off we went on our adventure.

Guess it would be helpful if I told you how seriously my husband takes his photography. Although this is a hobby and not a career for him, he has been published in several national and regional magazines, (shhh…. don’t tell him I am telling you all this) and he is currently a finalist in an international contest for a gorgeous and unusual picture he took of a sunset on the water. He won’t tell anyone these things so I am taking bragging rights for the moment 😊. With this background, you all can see that this was not only an adventure for him, but a serious opportunity for him to take a great picture.

On the way to our destination, we saw two bald eagles, two dolphins, and no boats. Did I say no boats? I wonder why? Smart people. We arrived at the oyster bank and here are some pictures of what we saw.

Blount checked on the boat 30 minutes before the tide would change and discovered the boat was stuck. We jumped in the water (yes we did) and pushed and pushed. For a few seconds, or he says minutes, I was pushing the wrong way and we were getting more embedded on the bank. Then he realized what I was doing and I shifted my position. Together we pushed us off the bank and were both relieved. The alternative would have been to wait until high tide, which would have been to remain on the bank until 10 pm in the dark and cold until the tide turned. Relieved, we went back home.

But here is the thing. We saw God’s magnificent creation. We experienced His glory and majesty on the water and on that beautiful oyster bank. It was majestic. We saw eagles overhead and oyster birds on the shore. And…. we had a lot of fun (except for the incident when the boat was stuck. 😱

Why did I go you might ask? We had committed to one another to spend more time together. And this was an opportunity. I am so glad that I did not miss this adventure!

In the New Year, consider ways to enter into life’s adventures. Ask the Holy Spirit to show you opportunities to step out in faith; to reach out to others; to spend time with your family and friends. And especially to look for opportunities to help those in need. The greatest adventures are ones in which we are selfless, looking to the needs of others. And frankly those opportunities that we take to do so will give us the most joy.

Blessings in the New Year and your year of adventure!



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