New Year Goals

Women's Christian Conference SpeakerWelcome to making space Mondays (for God that is). In a few days we will enter the year 2020. This is by far my favorite time of year; the time between Christmas and the beginning of a new year. I designate these days for reflection taking time to consider the past year’s goals and looking forward to a fresh beginning. I thought it might be helpful to tell you how I set New Year goals.


GOAL # 1

First goal is spiritual. Growing closer to Jesus is my number one priority and therefore I consider what time I will set aside each day to pray, read Scripture, journal, and be creative. Sometimes I adjust the time that I have to do this in the New Year, but generally first thing in the morning I set aside an hour to be with the Lord. The way I look at it, its like tuning an instrument and playing it during the day. We are God’s instruments and our time with Him is needed to play the song in our hearts during each day. If you do not set this time apart perhaps that is why you do not know the song that is hidden in your heart with great desire to be released.


GOAL # 2

I consider my physical health. I determine which day and times to exercise and I make sure that I have a combination of aerobic exercise and weight bearing exercise. I have heard it said if you fail to plan you plan to fail. Spiritual and physical well-being are significant parts of caring for God’s gift of life that He has given to each of us.


 GOAL # 3

Next goal is relational. How can I be more present to the people whom God has placed in my life—my family, friends, and neighbors? I write out ways to reach out to my grown children and grandchildren and friends.


GOAL # 4

My last goal is ministry. God has entrusted to me the ministry of Drawing Near to God. What began as a Bible study 20 years ago grew into a community and national outreach to women to study God’s Word and live according to His Word. My goal for Drawing Near may vary each year, but at the top of the list is finding ways to disciple leaders building a team to help support our efforts to help women make space for God.


Goal setting does not have to be too complicated.  The key is not just to make plans. The key is to work the plan. By evaluating what sidetracked me the year before, I am able to strengthen the following year’s plans.

This past year was challenging for me. My Daddy went to be with Jesus, my mother has significant needs, ministry was stretched with transition, and a very special relationship was broken. As I review last year, I am able to see where I had to make adjustments in my plans to be present physically, emotionally and time wise. Although some of my goals were not accomplished, I did not consider this a failure. Life has unexpected challenges and we need to adapt. But here is the key:

As long as we follow Jesus, our North Star, we will stay centered, flexible, filled with His life and purpose. And yes, even joy as we follow His lead.

Yes, plan for the New Year, but expect the unexpected and make space for God each day to help you navigate even the most turbulent waters. May your highest goal be to love the Lord with all your heart, soul, strength and mind. Jesus told us that this is His greatest commandment. Join the Making Space for God bible study- Following the Call: Leading Courageously beginning in January. Registration  NOW OPEN

Have a blessed New Year my friends- Joanne


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