Our Stories
by Joanne Ellison

Today we concluded our semester study of Ruth and Esther with a little Jingle & Java! It was a fun time of fellowship with each other and beautiful worship led by Julianna Fletcher and team. Be sure to like our Facebook page to see some pictures that will be posted soon of the festive fun and if you have some of your own, please share!

As we concluded the semester, we reviewed the key points in Ruth & Esther:

  • Both Ruth and Esther tell a story of the God who blesses his people according to HIS PROMISES.
  • Both Ruth and Esther show the unfolding of God’s redemptive plan at two different points in the Old Testament history.
  • Both Ruth and Esther connect with Biblical themes from beginning of the Bible to the end-
  • Ruth and Esther, though not overtly, each contribute to Christian theology

Now, let’s look at how their stories intersect our stories and lives:

  • Ruth chooses God and is blessed; so are we as we choose God daily
  • Naomi is a picture of desolation turning into joy; how God works things for our for good. This is our promise as Christians.
  • God’s faithfulness to redeem is seen in both narratives
  • God empowers the faithful – not give faith to the powerful
  • Our King, Jesus, extends His scepter of righteousness to us
  • Our calendars will display our lives belonging to Him or not

So now as we are in the midst of this holy Advent season, let’s reflect on our own stories. What stories do our calendars tell? (see my blog post from Monday about this subject.)  Are we choosing God daily?

If you are looking for resources as you seek God, we have so many to share with you! First, you can check out our mobile app to read my daily devotional wherever you are.  I’ve also written many Bible studies (over 20!) and have teachings you can watch via streaming. You can also sign up to join us in January as we study Ephesians. You can join us live, in a community group or via individual streaming. Hope to you will join us!



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  1. Jill

    Thank you for being a Faithful servant and teaching us to become all that God wants us to become. Your analogy of the pieces of the puzzle that God is using to complete His plan for us individually and and in the lives of others was especially meaningful. This past year that same theme has been on my heart. It makes me more eager to see how His plan unfolds and more trusting to be the “piece” I should be. I also appreciated your “Spanx” confession. What we try to conceal God will reveal! God Bless. Jill Jones. Merry Christmas

    • joanneellison

      So delighted to hear how the Lord is working in your life. He is so faithful!
      Have a Merry Christmas- Joanne


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