Joshua: Possessing the Land Study Guide

Joshua: Possessing the Land Study Guide


16 Week Bible Study

The study of Joshua will take you on an exciting journey with Joshua and the Israelites as they enter the Promised Land. You will note the parallel story—your story of entering into the promises of God.  As you press through your personal battles, you will see the faithfulness of God.

Table of Contents

Lesson 1: Examining Your Spiritual Journey (Overview of Joshua)

Lesson 2: Strength and Courage (Joshua 1)

Lesson 3: The Scarlet Cord (Joshua 2)

Lesson 4: Crossing the Jordan (Joshua 3)

Lesson 5: A Memorial (Joshua 4)

Lesson 6: Bringing Down the Strongholds (Joshua 5 & 6)

Lesson 7: Achan’s Sin (Joshua 7 & 8)

Lesson 8: From Deception to Victory (Joshua 9)

Lesson 9: Conquering the Land (Joshua 10-12)

Lesson 10: Dividing the Land (Joshua 13- 19)

Lesson 11: Cities of Refuge (Joshua 20)

Lesson 12: Spiritual Communities (Joshua 21)

Lesson 13: Transitions (Joshua 22)

Lesson 14: Faithfulness and Obedience (Joshua 23)

Lesson 15: Whom Will You Serve? (Joshua 24)

Lesson 16: Reviewing Our Spiritual Journey (Review of Joshua)

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