Making Space for the Words of Jesus-Volume I Study Guide


Making Space for the Words of Jesus-Volume I Study Guide


9 Week Bible Study

Jesus had many things to say as He walked this earth. He told us not to be afraid, to have faith, and to love our enemies. In His last prayer to His Father while on earth, He prayed for unity among believers.  Springing forth from the cross, every word Jesus had spoken suddenly took on new meaning. After His death, the disciples most likely thought about the things He had said while he was with them and they searched for their meaning. Today as followers of Christ, we too must search for the meaning of His words. And as we search, we will find that The Word no longer hangs on the cross; the cross is empty, His words are life and resurrection.

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Table of Contents

Lesson 1: Will I Find Faith When I Return?
Lesson 2: Faith for the Impossible
Lesson 3: Who Do You Say I Am?
Lesson 4: What Do You Want Me To Do For You?
Lesson 5: Jesus Calms the Storm
Lesson 6: My God Why Have You Forsaken Me?
Lesson 7: Repent and Believe
Lesson 8: Follow Me
Lesson 9: Abide in Me

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