Matthew: Bringing God’s Kingdom to Earth


Matthew: Bringing God’s Kingdom to Earth


12 Week Bible Study

God, in His infinite mercy and love, sent His Son Jesus Christ to restore our relationship with Him and establish His kingdom on ear. God is calling us to demonstrate and bring His kingdom here. Join us as we study together the Gospel of Matthew to understand the reality of the kingdom, how we are called to bring the kingdom and evidence of the kingdom.

Purchasing this grants the user access to the streaming of the study on the Gospel of Matthew, written and taught by Joanne Ellison.

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Table of Contents

Lesson 1:  The Reality of the Kingdom (Overview to Matthew)

Lesson 2: Kingdom Living (Matthew 1 through 7)

Lesson 3: Evidence of the Kingdom (Matthew 8 through 12)

Lesson 4: Kingdom Seeds (Matthew 13)

Lesson 5: Demonstration of the Kingdom (Matthew 14 and 15)

Lesson 6: Kingdom Revelation (Matthew 16 and 17)

Lesson 7: Kingdom Character (Matthew 18)

Lesson 8: Stumbling Blocks to the Kingdom (Matthew 19 and 20)

Lesson 9: Preparing the Way for the King (Matthew 21)

Lesson 10: The Wedding Banquet (Matthew 22)

Lesson 11: The End of the Age (Matthew 23 and 24)

Lesson 12: Secrets of the Kingdom (Matthew 25)

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