The Book of James, Volume 1 Study Guide


The Book of James, Volume 1 Study Guide


The book of James teaches us that spiritual maturity is evident when we turn our trials into triumphs, stand against temptation, care for the poor, and are filled with patience and wisdom. As spiritually mature Christians, the world will not define us, but we instead will define the world. There are many promises in Scripture that give us the assurance that when we seek God, He will be found. There is no way you can find the Lord and not be changed. Are you ready to be changed? Let’s go on a journey toward spiritual maturity.

Table of Contents

Lesson 1:  Introduction
Lesson 2:  Joy in Trials (1:2)
Lesson 3:  Trials Produce Steadfastness (1:2-4)
Lesson 4:  God’s Generosity (1:5)
Lesson 5:  A Double Minded Man (1:6-8)
Lesson 6:  The Lowly and the Rich (1:9-11)
Lesson 7:  The Lure of Temptation (1:12-15)
Lesson 8:  Every Good Gift (1:16-18)
Lesson 9:  Not Hearers Only (1:19-27)
Lesson 10:  The Sin of Partiality (2:1-7)




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