Puzzle Pieces

Today in our study of Esther we looked at Esther 1 & 2. Remember that even if you can’t join us live, you can sign up to follow along via streaming to hear the full teaching. I always share some of the notes from my teaching on my blog so today I want to share with you a little bit of an outline focusing on Chapters 1 & 2:

Chapter 1
– King Ahasuerus’ two banquets
– Queen Vashti’s refusal
– Subsequent banishing of Vashti and plan to find another queen

Chapter 2
– Esther is chosen queen after 12 months of preparation never revealing her identity
– Esther walks in favor with the chief eunuch and others
– Esther’s humility asking for nothing to take in to the king except what Hagai told her
– Mordecai discovers a plot

This lesson focuses on putting the pieces in place. In our study guide, Kathleen Nielson says that “all these pieces of the plot must be in place just so, in order for the action to proceed as it does throughout the rest of the book.” So today I want you to reflect on the “puzzle pieces” of your life. Are you trying to put a puzzle piece in a place that doesn’t fit? It may not be part of God’s destiny for you — throw it out. We’re only called to fit the pieces that God is calling us to carry.

What pieces has God placed in your life so that you may carry out the destiny He has set for you? I encourage you to listen to this song by Christ Tomlin (linked here and below) and reflect on God’s sovereignty in our lives.

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