Removing the Scales

Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path.

Psalm 119:105


In Acts 8, Saul set out to destroy the Christians. He was highly educated, came from a prominent family, and described himself as “a Hebrew of Hebrews.” One day, God’s plan for his life intersected his self-prescribed plans. He met the very One whom he had been persecuting, the Lord Jesus Himself. I cannot imagine how he must have felt when he heard the Lord say to him on the road to Damascus, Saul, Saul, why do you persecute Me? (Acts 9:4) Saul was blinded for three days until God sent a disciple named Ananias to place his hands on Saul and pray that he be filled with the Holy Spirit.

Immediately, the scales fell from his eyes and he could see again. Have you ever wondered what Saul (later known as Paul) thought about those three days? He had been on a mission to persecute and kill Christians, and now his whole life was turned upside down. He was a scholar, and now he could not see to read. He was a man of prestige and influence, and now others would have to lead him everywhere he went. I imagine during those lonely three days, Saul did some soul searching, and by the time that Ananias knocked on his door, he was a broken man. The Scriptures tell us that after spending several days with the disciples, he went out at once to preach in the synagogue that Jesus is the Son of God. (Acts 9:19-20)

The story of Saul is our story. We were once blind to God, and Jesus spoke to our hearts to turn us to Him. He removed the scales from our eyes and set us free to serve Him. Yet there are times in our walk with Christ that we resist His Word that would set us free, times where we would rather not have the scales removed so we can do our own thing. On occasion, I have heard the Lord saying to me: “Why are you resisting me? Why do you continue to struggle with where I am leading you?” Those times, like Saul, I find myself in the darkness of my own prison, captured by my self-absorbed thoughts or my unwillingness to hear His voice and obey.

Do you have scales over your eyes? Do you struggle with wanting to know God’s will but feel blinded by doubt and unbelief that He will lead you? Ask the Holy Spirit to remove the scales, whatever might be blinding you from the truth. Then, like Saul, “at once” begin to preach the good news.

Heavenly Father,

Illuminate my path with Your Word which lights my path and removes the scales from my eyes. Give me fresh, clear vision to go out and be a witness for You.

In Jesus’ name, Amen

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