Romans Lesson Notes – Chapter 2, Darkened Thinking
by Joanne Ellison

Romans Chapter 2 – Darkened Thinking 

“All have sinned and fallen short of God’s glory,” (Romans 3:22)

Sin is the great equalizer. All of humanity has the propensity to sin, which is known as the human condition

  • Rebellion= opposition or defiance against one in authority 
  • Rebellion is as the sin of divination (counterfeit source) 
  • Rebellion= gaining knowledge from a counterfeit source
  • Rebellion suppresses the truth
  • Rebellion denies the truth 
  • Rebellion exchanges the truth for a lie.

Although God made humanity free to refuse Him, God did not make humanity free from the consequences of their refusal. We see in the downward spiral of sin, the consequences that naturally fall from a life lived where we are the masters of ourselves.  The wages of sin is death and loss of freedom. 



Summary of spiraling sin:

  • Wickedness and godlessness (rebellion, not honoring or acknowledging God or His rule)
  • Knew Him but did not glorify or thank Him
  • Thinking becomes futile
  • Hearts darkened
  • Became foolish
  • Exchanged God’s glory for images to look like man or animals
  • Exchanged truth for a lie 
  • Worshiped created things and not the Creator
  • Immorality
  • Depraved mind
  • Envy, greed, murder, strife, deceit, God haters, arrogant, faithless, heartless, ruthless
  • Approving evil




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