The Story of God’s Love

As we start planning for the fall semester of our Teaching and Worship Experience studying the book of Romans, I thought I would share a special devotional post with you today.  This post, from my daily devotional, Drawing Near to God, is about God’s love for us.  Join me as we unwrap this gift of God’s love together live or via streaming.

I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us.

Romans 8:18


We are part of an ongoing story—the story of all times, the story of God’s creation of the world, humanity, and the personal ongoing relationship He has with His people. From Genesis to Revelation, the story consists of one theme: LOVE. God created humanity for fellowship; man was disobedient and fell, and God not only repaired the damage done by sending His Son, He made things even better. Through His Son’s death and resurrection, the Holy Spirit was left as a “guarantee,” a “first fruits” of the future to come.

The Holy Spirit leads, guides, convicts, and empowers us to live a life of hope as we await Jesus’ return and the consummation of His eternal kingdom. Paul describes creation, humanity, and the Holy Spirit groaning as they wait for this future hope. We yearn for something better, and we play a huge role in the unfolding of the story through our prayers of intercession. The groaning that Paul describes is intercession, and often we do not even know how to intercede. The Holy Spirit, Our Helper, prays through us, asking for the will of the Father. That is how we enter into the ongoing story of God’s plan, His purpose in salvation as we wait for Jesus’ return and the glory that will be revealed. When I consider that I am part of God’s plan, I am motivated to pray and to live my life in such a way that I participate with God. When I do not remember there is a higher plan, the trials of life can be overwhelming. This is the hope that Paul shares with the early Christians as they face the trials of life; this is the hope that we share with the saints who went before us.

How about you? Do you recognize that you are part of the ongoing story of God’s plan? Do you participate through prayer in laboring for God’s glory to be revealed? If you are suffering, remember that God’s purpose in allowing the suffering is so that His glory will be revealed through your life.


Heavenly Father,

It gives me hope to know that I am part of an ongoing story—part of a higher purpose that You have for this earth. Help me to remember as I struggle in life that the future with You holds a glory yet to be revealed. -In Jesus’ name, Amen


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