The Stuff that Drives Us Crazy

Today I want to share with you an older blog post that still rings true today – about the stuff that drives us crazy and how we, as Christians, are taught to react.

There is a song that I just love about things that drive me crazy (you can listen to it here or below.) In fact, I like it so much that some days I find myself humming the tune or singing the words during the day.

I have wondered why this song speaks to me so strongly. Well, that is easy– a no-brainer. Things drive me crazy. I bet there are things that drive you crazy too. Like….

Traffic, long lines…

Why is it that whenever I am in a hurry, the lines get longer at the checkout counter and the traffic comes to a standstill? Why is it that just when I am getting home to find a quiet moment in the late afternoon someone rings my doorbell? Why is it that I start to cook dinner and I don’t have all of the ingredients I need? Or I lose my keys or phone? Why? Because that is life. There is nothing uncommon about the little stresses in life. We all have them.


Jesus told His disciples that His sheep hear His voice (John 10). And we are His sheep according to Scripture. Sheep have an unsightly problem with little larvae that land on their heads and work their way into their nostrils. Have I lost you yet or are you thinking, “where is she going with this?” Hang in there. If the larvae go up their nose, they beat their heads on a rock. They are essentially driven to distraction. Does this sound like some other sheep you know — perhaps us? That is where we get the expression beating our head against a rock. The shepherds rub oil on the sheep’s head to prevent the larvae from embedding in the sheep.

The Great Shepherd

Jesus, The Great Shepherd watches over His sheep (that’s us). He has given us His Holy Spirit (the oil) to supply our needs. He watches over us as the distractions and little stresses of life nip at our heels. And He beckons us to come and follow Him. He leads us to quiet waters and green pastures. We must prepare our hearts for more room for The Great Shepherd. The distractions of life can make you crazy, but the Shepherd will lead you to a quiet place and restore your soul.

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